The United States of Poverty — the Downfall Continues

I have not written anything here for a while as I have been too busy pursuing an income and working on programming projects.  I praise God that there is work for me and that there seems to be work for me for the foreseeable future.  This is not true for many Americans.    The whole world in which I grew up where you could be proud to be an American has been turned topsy turvey.

Yesterday there was a mass shooting by another hate filled fame seeking nut case.  Today it was reported that there were 94 million Americans (almost the highest number ever) who were not in the work force.  And one of the papers glorified some woman who purposely blinded herself so she could become disabled.  She could not have gotten a decent job in this economy so I guess that was the next best thing.

As the bodies from Oregon shooting the  were not even cold Obama was calling for gun control.   He wants to prevent those that could stop the crazies from having guns while he lets the Taliban take back Afghanistan, Russia bomb our supposed allies in Syria, and illegal immigrants overrun our country lowering its standard of living for everyone.

The true crime here is that of our leadership.  Destroying the United States economy has meant that each American has less and less.  Obama has already done that.  Destroying our military means that every country will experience more carnage than it has over the past 40 years.  That has also already happened.  Destroying America has been his goal from day 1 in order to put us patriotic, exceptional Americans in our place.  The result is a poorer, impoverished and more dangerous world where  fame is more important than fact, life is cheap, and death is on the rise.

I would personally like to thank our leadership for being the type of people for whom ideology trumps the value of life.  By the way, Mr. President, if gun control worked Chicago would be murder free, not one of the murder capitals of the world.  Perhaps you should care more about people, their lives and their welfare than your ideology.  It’s the ideology of death in the spirit of Castro, Stalin and Mao.

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