The Betrayal of Israel

When New York City or Tel Aviv is destroyed and the Iranian mullahs are dancing in the street showing videos of the explosion, the mushroom cloud, and molten human remains where will President Obama be?  This deal purposely gives Iran the financial capability to complete their stated ambition of destroying the US and Israel. The millions of deaths that will result from this deal will rival the deaths caused by Stalin, Mao and Hitler.  History will record agreement as the one that produced the first use of nuclear weapons in over 60 years.

The deal promises Iran nuclear capability in 10 years while allowing them not to be inspected at the bases most suspected of producing nuclear components.  It even promises defense of those same suspected bases from Israeli attack.  It literally helps protect their ability to produce and ultimately use nuclear weapons.   Iran has said, even after this deal was signed, and continues to say, it will destroy Israel and the US.  Who hands their mortal enemy a gun and helps them point it at their own head.

Does Obama not believe they mean it?  Does General Electric want to do legal business there so badly they are willing to risk the death of millions?  Do the Americans held in captivity in Iran mean nothing?  Does the death of US Military personnel in Iraq by Iranian manufactured IEDs mean nothing?  Does the President not follow Hezbollah and the destruction of human life they have caused as an Iranian proxy? Did Iran not force the Yemeni government out?

This deal is the greatest betrayal of Israel in history. It sets them up for annihilation. With this deal we are literally handing the enemy the means of destroying our ally. It is time for Congress to step up and put a stop to this. Our very lives depend on it.

If I were a democrat or republican whose congressman was thinking about voting for this, I would call them and tell them that they will get no more campaign funds. If they vote for this there is a good chance they won’t need that money sooner rather than later.

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