Obamacare and Its Harm Has Still Haunts Americans

ABC, as recently as last year ran a piece that does not delve into the hurt Obamacare has brought to working families, but glosses over its real impact. Many perhaps a majority of Americans have had huge premium increases and benefit decreases leading to delayed treatment and unaffordable premiums. Many more lost their full time jobs.  The possibility that the Supreme Court may invalidate state subsidies is being portrayed not as a problem with the law but a problem for the Republicans.  The general timber of ABC’s coverage of the health care law has been positive in spite of the damage it has done. ABC has provided a consistent defense of this law that has devastated most working Americans.

Along with most of the other liberal media ABC is as responsible for the impact of this law as are those that voted for it.  There is one type of entity beyond the media that is also responsible for keeping this law afloat.  That is the insurance companies who have used the law as a method of enhancing their profits obscenely.    An example of this is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama whose profits have risen steadily under Obamacare.

Interestingly enough, BCBS of Alabama advertises on ABC.  So, just to sum up, ABC supports the law and the nationalization of health care.  BCBC wants to do what companies do best, make a profit. I don’t fault them for that.  Still, they advertise on ABC helping ABC make a profit and ABC in turn props up Obamacare.

The medical insurance consumer in return pays 2 or 3 times the premium for the privilege of paying 3 to 10 times the amount out of pocket as they had before. ABC profits and pushes an agenda.  Blue Cross profits and the consumer is screwed.  This is the situation for the vast majority of consumers.  How is this ok?

The law is still causing its damage.  Death panels and denied coverage have already started for some.  Job losses are real.  Yet, the media has silenced the damage so that the call to get rid of this torrentially bad law is also silenced.  Blue Cross has no interest in changing it as they profit obscenely from the law.   Personally I would not buy anything from an ABC advertiser.  Of course, with health insurance even the choice to boycott has been limited.

Remind your representatives that this law needs to be repealed. 100%.

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