Democrats Want to Free Criminals Are You at Risk?

If you are part of the mainstream working class in this country, you should be completely alarmed and fearful.    The riots that destroyed property and lives in Baltimore and Ferguson have been clearly orchestrated by left leaning interest groups.  The evidence of this exists in the mass tweets by just a few users into the schools designed to create havoc,  and in the failure of the authorities to stop the riots.    If you own a home, raise children, or own a business then those things are at risk from the media portrayal of the cops as racists and of white America as privileged.

Michelle Obama is out there making speeches designed to fuel racial discord.    Instead of glorifying in the fact that she and her husband represent the most powerful position in the world.   They were elected from a population that is only 14.1 black.   That clearly shows that racism was far less a motivational factor that their words and actions portray.  Nevertheless, over the past 6 years they have consistently pushed an agenda of racism forward.  They have tried through thought and deed to increase the dissatisfaction of the minority population. Why else would Obama have the kind of relationship with Al Sharpton that he demonstrates?   Why else would his attorney general, Eric Holder fail to prosecute militant black panthers for clear violations of election law?

The media never holds them responsible for fueling the fire.  When Obama’s justice department fails to find violations, it still insists on taking over local police departments.    Suddenly the media is talking about, and universities are promoting the concept of white privilege.  In spite of clear evidence that most of those successful in this country have worked and earned it, this new concept is designed to cause discontent among the African Americans, while preventing the majority, mostly white people from stopping this discontent.  The goal of those promoting this is to destroy society.  If the majority does not stand up for their rights, more and more of their property and lives will be destroyed.    The goal is a violent take over and forced destruction of the capitalist underpinnings that have made this country prosperous.     It has started.  Michelle’s speech is just the precursor for more.

There is even a movement to get the 15 of the black voting population that is incarcerated out of prison so they can vote.  Never mind the crimes they committed, killing their own by a huge margin, selling drugs, destroying neighborhoods, they are being portrayed a all oppressed and unfairly imprisoned.    Now when they get out,  do you think they are going to be model citizens?

If you have a kid in a traditional state school, it is almost guaranteed they are being taught about white privilege and how they don’t deserve to be successful.  Instead of adding the successful workforce in this country we are adding to the dependent class and setting the stage for more civil unrest.  Personally, I would pull my child out of any university that taught this propaganda and refuse to purchase products from any network that promoted “Hands up Don’t Shoot” as reality.    If the majority does not start voting with its actual votes, and economic influence there will soon be nothing of value to protect in this country.


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