The Plundering of America

The impact of the Obama administration’s executive actions on immigration has been to enable millions of foreign workers to take jobs from US citizens.  Even though the constitution and the law have forbidden the administration from granting work permits to these foreign workers, the administration has continued to do so.  Now, not only foreign workers, but spouses of foreign workers who came here under visas that did not permit their working.  Millions of these workers send their earnings out of the country.

Not only do they take jobs from working American citizens, but they then send a part of their earnings out of the country making this country poorer by shifting our wealth to other countries that were not legally entitled to the boon.  The agenda of the Obama administration is to bankrupt this country and to impoverish as many working Americans as possible.

The number of out of working Americans and the lack economic prosperity is proof that this tactic of bankrupting America is working.   Are you going to stand by until this President takes your job from you?  Share this, tell all your representatives to stop this continued raping of America!!!

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