Tel Aviv Hit

The attack came at dawn, dozens of nuclear armed intermediate range missles rained down all over Israel.  The iron dome failed.  Just once.  Tel Aviv is gone with millions dead.

The police in Baltimore have gone on strike.  A spokesman for the police union stated that the could no longer work in a city where criminals had more rights than the cops.  Already new riots are destroying the city.   There is no one to stop the carnage. It’seems spreading across the country as cops walk off the job.

Food lines filled with starving, lice ridden immigrant are overwhelming city after city in south Texas.  The swarm of desperate people has overtaken the state.  The resources to help are lacking and 1000s will die from disease and starvation.

If you read this, know that these will be the headlines if we remain on the course now being charted by our media.  When stories such as the Rolling Stone rape expose are printed as fact, or when the falsehood of hands up don’the shoot is put forth as truth, the resulting carnage is absolutely the responsibility of the media which fails to investigate. Every building that is burned or life that is destroyed is the direct result of reporters not putting forth the truth.

We the identical story rings out of 100 outlets and the White House it’s clear that the media no longer investigates.  Journalism, the 4th Estate no longer exists.  When journalists accept as fact what they are fed we no longer need the first amendment.  We are seeing the result of their failure in the Middle East, on the border, in Baltimore and in New York. The stories mentioned at the top are coming.  They are the result of lies put forth by journalists.

Is that what is taught now in journalism programs, that it is ok not to research stories, that manipulating the population is more important than the truth. Perhaps the death this week of the New York cop is the responsibility of a journalism professor Whose student blamed the police for defending themselves against thugs.

Yes, I hand to say it.  It’s not racist. A thug by definition is a criminal.  If you are destroying property or throwing bricks, that is what you are.  It’s true no matter the color of your skin.

Islamic terrorists tried to stop a free speech event in Garland, Texas.  The media blamed the people drawing offensive cartoons for the terrorist’s attempt to kill them.  Speech particularly speech that offends is our right and a founding principle of this country.  Somehow our journalists don’t understand the most basic tenet that allows them the freedom to be reporters.  When they fail to investigate and report the truth, democracy dies.

We are quickly coming to a point where the fabric of society is being torn apart. The destruction created by false, hate filled media will wipe our more jobs and eventually the economy.  The media itself will be gone, replaces by  the few with government jobs.

I urge anyone who gets this far to repost this, Ask advertisers to stop advertising on ABC,NBC, and CBS and on any other media that just parrots a party line. Society will only survive if enough folks stand up.

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