Upside Down- Where are the Defenders

Baltimore burns while the cops are told to stand down.

Iran gets a nuclear bomb while Israel gets snubbed.

The attorney general is held in contempt of Congress and he gets a free ride.

Hillary Clinton helps the Russians get control of our uranium supplies.

Planned Parenthood kills a million babies in poor neighborhoods and the federal government pays for it.

The IRS targets Americans with opposing views and is never prosecuted.

Veterans are prevented from having quality healthcare and no one is held accountable nor does the situation improve.

Our immigration laws are both ignored and broken by the President and no one stops him.

The NSA records millions of phone calls without warrants but no one stops them.

Taliban are released to return to combat in exchange for a deserter.

Touting Yemen as a victory even as it is overrun by Al-quaeda.

Raising the cost of most American’s healthcare while reducing the benefit dramatically and no one stops this.

Achieving the lowest workforce participation rate in 40 years.

Reducing the average wage for most Americans but no one stops them.


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