How Our Representatives are Betraying Us!!!

This is not meant to be for a particular representative but for most of the establishment Republicans we who although they were voted in are betraying the principles they ran on and this country.    Below are a few examples.  Please call your representative.  All the republicans may need to be changed out next election.

Obamacare and all its increased taxes is not being repealed.

The level of taxes in Obama care continues to be hidden from the public.

The borders remain open.

There is still a push to normalize illegal aliens.

Companies that hire illegal aliens are not prosecuted.

Our debt keeps going up.

Government keeps getting bigger.

The NSA continues to spy on us.

Freedom of speech continues to be under assault.

The President is freeing terrorists and is not held to account for treason.

The President is ignoring the constitution and is not held accountable.

The media are allowed to lie and are not held accountable.

The republican controlled congress and senate could have a huge impact on changing

these things.  Only a few democrats in the senate are holdouts.  Unified Republican votes and some

effort would see them swayed easily.  Why do our representatives not try?  To not try is a betrayal

of their electorate.

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