Who is Hiring Illegal Workers? Stealing American Jobs and Identities

The companies that hire illegal aliens are stealing jobs from American workers.  Looking at a list of those companies in Alabama there are restaurants, construction, landscaping and manufacturing companies represented.  It is these same companies that give to political candidates so that amnesty and open borders remain the de-facto state of affairs.  When a terrorist crosses the border,  it is these same companies that are responsible along with the politicians that failed to close the border.  This is money, not just in Alabama, but across the nation that keeps us from protecting this country and prevents us from having an immigration process that does not abuse illegals for cheap labor.

Every one of the 92 million workers in this country that want a job but have given up looking can blame these companies for their plight.  The moral bankruptcy that allows for this to happen is beyond understandable.  How many stolen identities and other people’s social security numbers are being used so that these companies can have cheap labor?  Every one of these companies should be ostracized.   It needs to become very unpopular to hire people that are not legal  These companies need to stop giving to candidates just so they can maximize their dollars at the expense of the American people and American jobs.

One thought on “Who is Hiring Illegal Workers? Stealing American Jobs and Identities

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