What Happens When the Watchdog Becomes a Lapdog

There is a report today of a secret journalist group comprised of 1000 progressive journalists. So, what is wrong when journalists have strong personal views as to how government should function?  We all have personal views, so why is it wrong for journalists to have these views?  In short, it is not wrong, as long as those views do not cause their reporting to be agenda driven.  I would argue that much of the reporting we have seen over the past 6 years has been agenda driven, and the lives of most Americans are the worse for it. 

There are several examples where this agenda has negatively impacted Americans.  Selective reporting has shielded the democrats, the more progressive republicans and Barack Obama from the public holding them accountable the purposeful decline of this country’s economic and military capability.  

Let’s look at the economy.  The main news outlets have seldom if ever reported on the massive number of people who are no longer looking for work in this economy.  They don’t focus on how the jobs that have been created are part-time and pay less.  The loss of real wages over the past 6 years of 7% is glossed over.  The increase of poverty, welfare, disability payments, and the plight of the minority community has been ignored.  All these elements point to the failure of the policies that the progressive media support.   If they reported these things honestly, then the push to change these failures would be tremendous.  Blinded by ideology and agenda, the media props up these failing policies.  With the addition of massive monetization of our currency and an ever increasing debt, these same media are propping up a system that will fail and is failing in such a way as to exponentially increase the suffering that will occur as these failures compound. Honest reporting would provide people with a mechanism to minimized the suffering.  Does the press want Americans to suffer?  If so,  that is pretty bad as their whole existence was guaranteed by our constitution?

Racism is another area where the press has not only ignored the truth, but has actually made problems worse.   The history of racism in this country is not all that pretty.  Over the past 30 years (Excepting the last 6) I have seen views among most people becoming decidedly less racist.  There will always be some that have racist views, but instead of focusing on the great improvements and focusing on encouraging that color blind view, the media has encouraged division.  They have raced after the George Zimmermans and failed to report on the black on black violence in the inner cities.  They present some version of events that helps justify more violence while fueling the race bate industry.  Where is the true crusade to change the inner city.  Getting good jobs and out of poor circumstances is the proven way of changing the inner city.  Instead of promoting that, the media promotes hate, often sewing distrust in the groups that are willing to help.  


So, if you look at the media today, you do not hear the truth.  If you lose your job, you can blame NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, and MSNBC.   Unless they media changes and starts reporting the truth, people need to hold them responsible.  They need to stop buying from the advertisers that support these outlets.  Unless the media is unbiased, democracy dies.




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