How Many Jobs This Time?

A couple of days ago Alabama Power announced the closing of two coal powered electric plants citing the specifically Federal mandates as the reason they were closing the plants.  So all hail king Obama for being the master at creating poverty where none existed previously.  So how much misery did he bring this time?

The workers at these plants are losing their jobs.  Perhaps they will get federal money, but it will be less income than they had.  So they will buy less.  The stores and businesses in the region around those plants will sell less so they will lay off workers, so they too will have less income. The miners that provided coal for these facilities will lose their jobs and so will those that sell things to the miners.  The people that make mining equipment will lose their jobs.  The people that sell the parts needed to make the mining equipment will lose their jobs. The people that provide the raw materials to make the parts that make the mining equipment will lose their jobs. The truckers that drive the parts, the coal, the equipment and the raw materials will lose their jobs.  There will be fewer trains running to deliver these goods so people who run the railways will lose their jobs.  

How is this possible in the land of opportunity that the federal government steals opportunity out from under its own people?  Who pays for the federal benefits that ‘soften the blow’ this represents?  That would be anyone still working.  Why would anyone want to work in a nation that steals every ounce of  hard earned income to fund an agenda not supported by most of the citizens?

This is a crime.  If you are working you need to stand up and voice your dissent.  It is time to take back our government from those that are giving our country away and reigning down poverty on us all.   Real income has dropped by 7% since Obama took office.  This was and is his design.  Can you live when it has dropped by 50%?   March on Washington.  Remove every regulation of the last 10 years.  Abolish the IRS.    It is time for change.


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