Raising Healthy Kids

Planned Parenthood has a program designed to promote ‘Sexual and Reproductive Health‘ among teenagers.   Similar to previous programs designed to promote ‘Safe Sex’ with condom giveaways this program, called Teen Advocates For Sexual Health’ will result in more unwanted teen pregnancies and a further explosion of STDs.  Of course, the more teen pregnancies there are, the more profit Planned Parenthood makes.

If the message to teens is that all sex is ok, you just have to be safe while participating sounds good to you, I would suggest examining both the audience and past results.  The condom giveaway program with counseling created two additional unwanted pregnancies per 1000 women.   2014 was a bumper year for STDs.  Clearly telling  young as yet to mature people that casual sex is OK is not the best method of raising responsible kids.  Whether or not kids choose to have sex in more committed arrangements and whether or not they do so safely is a function of maturity.  There is no way 14 and 15 year olds have the maturity to make those decisions.

Still, that fact has not kept Planned Parenthood from promoting this is schools.  The message that abstinence it a valid choice for young people is laughed at.  Yet, abstinence is 100% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and 100% effective at stopping the spread of STDs.    Abstinence also allows kids to mature so they can make intelligent decisions.

The argument that they will do it anyway is a self full-fulfilling one.  Providing the means, such as birth control pills or condoms tells young people that they should have sex no matter the consequence.  The study above and the proliferation of STDs shows the consequence.  Is Planned Parenthood willing to council all those with now life long afflictions that it was a good choice?  Some of those STDs are HIV or viruses that cause cancer.   That is the unintended consequence of this type of program.

At what point will society realize that most children are really not capable evaluating when it is safe to have sex and most children are not mature enough to take all the proper precautions.   The data proves this and schools have no business allowing this type of program in their doors.


Road to Life – Men’s Part

    No one ever discusses abortion from a guy’s perspective.  The pro-abortion rights groups, pro-choice groups to be more politically correct always talk about abortion as an issue that impacts women’s health.  Pro-life groups, the anti-abortion crowd, also focus on the woman.  The guys involved are completely ignored.  Yet the reality is that guys are 50% responsible for each pregnancy.  No one really discusses that or focuses on that.  Without the guy’s contribution either as willing father or an accidental sperm donor there would be no abortions.

Let’s face it, the urge for teenage boys or even young men in their 20’s to have sex is hugely powerful.  It’s more powerful than common sense and more powerful than the desire not to have a baby.    It often results in a very inexact implementation of the rhythm method.  These young men are bombarded with advertising that promotes promiscuity, with images that encourage their base desires and with the message that they deserve to have fun.   On the one hand, they hear the message that it is ok to hook up for fun and on the other that a fetus has no value as a life.  They are taught to value pleasure above all else.  In music and movies the message is life is cheap.

During college, students are taught that the world is overpopulated and that having children adds to that overpopulation.  They are taught that a fetus is just a tissue mass, that it has no value, that it is not a life.  The net result of this indoctrination is a generation of young men who, when they get someone pregnant, don’t value the fetus as a life and who have no qualms against suggesting an abortion.   They are taught that it is their sociological duty to have the baby aborted. 

In areas where college propaganda does not reach young men researchers are studying how to make young men who frequent free clinics more aware of Plan B and the options to abort.   

Since young ladies hear the same message, the standard response to an unplanned pregnancy is to eliminate the inconvenience.   If on occasion one of those men feel differently and want to keep the baby, the girl involved who has also heard all the same messages may still choose abortion.  She has heard that a baby will destroy her life.  The result is that there is a huge societal pressure to kill babies that result from the poor choices made by people who chose to have unprotected sex.   In most cases, the men have no choice and no recourse if the woman decides to abort. 

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice the devaluing of human life from the push to validate abortion will impact you at some point.  We see it starting in how young people view life in the inner city and how the government views life when maintaining it becomes expensive.    If life has not value at its start, then if will soon have no value at its end.  Over time, it will have no value in the middle and there will be no one to step in at that point.