Hands Up – Don’t Shoot Your Congressional Staff Looking Out for You

A whole host of Congressional Staffers held a protest today.  Even though each and every one of them knew that Michael Brown died while trying to kill a police officer, they held the protest any way.  They have a right to protest.  They have a right to express their honest beliefs.  They do not have the right to encourage nationwide violence in support of a known lie.  On that basis, I believe that every single one of them should be immediately terminated.

Their actions continue to promote the violence this country has seen over the past several months.  Based on a false story now proven to be incited by the American Communist Party, their actions are nothing short of an attempt to undermine the stability of our country.  Does it rise to to the level of treason?  I do not know.  Does it further endanger the police that are sworn to protect all US citizens?  Without a doubt it makes their job more difficult and dangerous.  For that reason alone they should be out of government.

Our congressional staff should be looking out for us.  The minute it is proven that they are not, they should all be terminated at a minimum.    Please contact your Congressman and Senators and ask they terminate any staff that participated in these activities.  It is no different than their yelling fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire.  It is a crime, not free speech.

Thought Control In Full Swing — 1984 — 2014

Do you watch TV, see movies, look at news on any of the major stations other than Fox (though they are not fully free of this) then you are being influenced by those that want to control you.  They want to control your buying patterns through advertising, and they want to control your political views by presenting stories that move you in the direction they support.  At least with advertising its a one to one relationship, ads tell you what they want you to believe.  Even the Coke bottle in the middle of the sitcom is not all that subtle.

The political manipulation is far more insidious.

It tries to get you to believe that we are over populated, that we are in danger from every angle and need government to protect us, that we are about the burn up in a global warming hell.  Facts and science do not matter. There has been no evidence of global warming for the last 17 years, yet this week there has been a big Obama push to tell us how horrible and dire this problem is.  The government counts on the media to just repeat the stories they produce without investigation.  On almost every channel, every day the same stories with the same wording are repeated endlessly.  The stories about the true strength of our economy or about the poor handling of our foreign policy are routinely not covered.  

This is not an accident.  Government with the support of the media is presenting information to us to control our attitudes and opinions. Those that do not fall in to the lies are called names and vilified. Just look at the Tea Party.  That is why the carnage at many of the nation’s abortion clinics is not reported.  Yes, they are killing babies, but some of those are being born alive before they are killed.  Many of the women are harmed physically through substandard care.  Like the Gosnell clinic, the full breath of the truth is hidden.  The persecution of Christians in the military is not reported.  Movies like Noah promote an overpopulation message although the US population growth figures are next to nil and have been for years.  

Yes, we are being manipulated.  Facts do not matter just what controls the populace.  The media should be ashamed as repeating spoon fed stories is nothing but criminal.  It is rumor and baseless, but it pushes the governments agenda.  Why have a news media if they abdicate their responsibilities. 

Don’t watch those channels.  Perhaps at some point their advertisers will get the message.  1984 is here.  If we don’t toss the soma soon all those that do not drink the cool-ade will all be herded into pens.