An Islamist, a Liberal, An Atheist and a Terrorist were all in a Bar

Sounds like a joke, but its deadly serious. What do these groups have in common?  They are all intolerant of any view other than the one that they believe is correct.  In the last year we have seen each of these groups engage in violence to get their way.  Recently Saudi Arabia gave someone who questioned Islam 1000 lashes and jailed that person’s attorney for being an atheist.  Liberals in the past year in the United States have exhibited a whole host of violent behavior from shouting down those they don’t like to tearing up signs and pushing and shoving.  

Instead of recognizing the true nature of Islam and these regimes that consider women to be property, our leaders are trying to reign in the Christians, who at least in recent memory have not been flogging people that have different opinions.  The Islamists want to wipe out the Jews, but our government in order to seem friendlier to Islam acts as if it is OK for Iran to get the bomb.  

I believe in free speech.  People have the right to say vile things without getting jailed or shouted down. The Bill of Rights was created to protect differences of opinion.  It is not OK to tell lies.  It is not OK to brand the Tea Party as Terrorist or Evangelical Christians as Terrorists.  The believers in Christ are not out there killing people.  The Muslims are killing people every day in the name of Allah. They are the vast majority of terrorists. They have avowed to kill all the Jews.  Nevertheless our government supports the the Islamic states over the safety Israel.  

It is about time for our government to recognize who its true friends are.  People interested in tearing down prosperity, and punishing Christians are not the true friends of the United States, either internally or externally.  Helping people that want to kill you is stupid. Persecuting your true friends is stupid.  A time is coming where these policies will destroy Israel and the future of this country. Hopefully is is not already too late.  


Honor Killings – An Islamic Value — Christians Should Keep Quiet

     Religious freedom, Freedom of Speech and common sense have all taken a vacation in the United States of America.    When the University of Michigan refuses to show a film about Sharia law and honor killing because CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) opposes the film as islamophobic.  Since when it telling the truth islamophobic?   This practice, “honor killings” is alive and well in the Middle East as are laws making women no more than the property of their husbands, fathers and brothers.  Yet, those in power in this country are keeping that information quiet.  Why?

Where is the National Organization for Women on this?  While they are busy fighting for the right to kill babies up until the moment of birth and beyond?  Women are being killed because they fail to wear burkas in public and not one word it said.

When Christians are accused of being bigots because they don’t support gay marriage, coming out in the Middle East often means death.  Why don’t these groups make a huge statement about that?

Why is it OK to prevent Christian groups from meeting on a college campus but Muslim groups get free reign?

When almost every terrorist act is performed by a Muslim, why is our government trying to convince us that Christians are terrorists or that Tea Partiers are terrorists.  Why do you think the Boston Bombers got enough of a pass to kill and maim?

If as a country we don’t recognize evil, (honor killings, terrorism, hate of Americans by Muslim groups, enslavement by government entitlements, abortion,  real intolerance, imperialism by China and Russia) we will be ill prepared to prevent evil from causing havoc in this country.  The first Fort Hood shooter, the Boston Bombers and Benghazi would all not have happened had the government recognized the evil intent of those individuals.  It was not rocket science, is was common sense.  Where is America’s leadership?

We are afraid to call evil for what is and are doomed to suffer those consequences.  That film should be shown on every college campus in the United States.  It is called the Honor Diaries.




The CEO of Mozilla was drummed out of his position for having supported marriage between a