The Collective — Destroying the Middle Class

A war on the middle class is the true nature of what is occurring in the United States .  Briefly,  lets examine the facts.  Working Americans are subjected to higher prices, out of control fuel costs, exorbitant health care costs, stagnant wages, less employment opportunity, and higher taxes.  Why is that?

Government regulation and interference in the economy has destroyed innovation, expansion and capital investment in new business.  The real victims, the ones paying for out of control immigration, welfare, millions of non-disabled on disability,  3 years of unemployment benefits  and a host of other governmental programs are the working class.

The working class is being squeezed out of existence to the point that there will come a time that those earning a living will no longer see that as a net plus.  They will quit.  Many already have quit which is why the unemployed and not looking for work group  is at a all time high.   As more quit there will be no one to support all the benefits and the system will collapse.

The value of those who work has been diminished.  Their contributions ignored as the media props up policies that move us toward a condition much like that of the Soviet Union in 1989.  No one saw a reason to work for a government that did not let them keep any of the products of their labor and that rewarded poor effort as much as exceptional effort.  They had all become part of a collective that produced nothing.  With no production there was nothing to pay for government so it collapsed.

We are on that path today.  Allowing uncontrolled immigration by non- producing individuals, by cutting off energy production at the knees, by forcing prices higher through regulation and fiscal policy our government is trying to recreate the collective.    It is far down that path.

It may take more than votes to reverse this ship.  Our current leadership is determined to purposely drive the ship onto the rocks.  It wants to destroy the family, the middle class, and all those that would think for themselves and live free.

I do not know how to stop the train.  Few of our leaders are willing to challenge the destruction of our constitution by the failure of the executive to uphold the law.    As the middle class gets squeezed and can no longer survive there will be unrest.  Murrieta, CA was a start but mild as to the way it will be if the ship continues on its current course.


Hyperinflation — Could be already here.

The government is printing money to by its own bonds, falsely propping up the economy and the stock market.  Germany tried this in the 30’s and it resulted in economic collapse and the Nazi’s.  Venezuela tried it recently and they have riots and shortages on basic staples. Go to the grocery, gas station or restaurant and it is clear that prices have gone up.  Some thoughts:

Thanks to Obamacare our cost for health insurance and health services has gone way up.

Thanks to energy policy our cost for gasoline, plastics, and energy related goods have gone up.

Our dollar is already worth less thanks to the government printing money increasing the cost of everything, particularly food.

According to the Drudge Report 86 million people are paying for the benefits of 148 million people.  The government is draining the work capacity of each and every American still working.

Why continue to work, when the fruit of your labor goes to pay for many that could and should be working.  Businesses and farmers complain that they have to hire illegals because there are no Americans to fill the jobs.   Pretty simple, cut off the $40,000 a year of government income going to able bodied individuals and you will have an all American labor force.  Hungry people amazingly find work.  

If the current path continues, Obama and the Democrats will completely destroy our country, its prosperity and the things that made it the best country on earth.  We will no longer be able to help our friends.  We are already having trouble helping ourselves.