Hyperinflation — Could be already here.

The government is printing money to by its own bonds, falsely propping up the economy and the stock market.  Germany tried this in the 30’s and it resulted in economic collapse and the Nazi’s.  Venezuela tried it recently and they have riots and shortages on basic staples. Go to the grocery, gas station or restaurant and it is clear that prices have gone up.  Some thoughts:

Thanks to Obamacare our cost for health insurance and health services has gone way up.

Thanks to energy policy our cost for gasoline, plastics, and energy related goods have gone up.

Our dollar is already worth less thanks to the government printing money increasing the cost of everything, particularly food.

According to the Drudge Report 86 million people are paying for the benefits of 148 million people.  The government is draining the work capacity of each and every American still working.

Why continue to work, when the fruit of your labor goes to pay for many that could and should be working.  Businesses and farmers complain that they have to hire illegals because there are no Americans to fill the jobs.   Pretty simple, cut off the $40,000 a year of government income going to able bodied individuals and you will have an all American labor force.  Hungry people amazingly find work.  

If the current path continues, Obama and the Democrats will completely destroy our country, its prosperity and the things that made it the best country on earth.  We will no longer be able to help our friends.  We are already having trouble helping ourselves.