Framing the Donald

From the Farm: Today promises (given sufficient health and energy) to be a busy day. I have some building to work on for the future chickens and to support climbing onto a horse. I started to condition the leather on the saddle I bought last night. This is going to a major task with replacing the latigo and ties as well as reconditioning the leather with 5 or 6 coats. It will take that to get the leather supple again. Tea Cup Pigs Hoax — Just another hoax!!! (Smithsonian)

I generally stay away from politics in this blog, but I have a theory that I really have not heard on the talking head news. So, I am going to lay out the case for my theory before going out this morning to work on the farm. To start with, the history is that from the point that Donald Trump announced his candidacy, his staffers were targeted, arrested, bankrupted and jailed before having their convictions overturned. He was framed by the FBI and DOJ with the Russiagate hoax that was disproved and discredited, then twice impeached but not convicted since both impeachments were also a hoax. The media predicted his fall over and over only to be proven wrong. The media promoted disinformation on Donald Trump over and over only to wind up completely embarrassed and discredited. So, this raid on Donald Trump fits the pattern of trying to create a crime from which entrenched establishment Washington can stop Donald Trump from running again. That has been the game ever since he was first elected. The establishment is terrified that he will get into office and gut the burocracy. Of course, they have now fired him and his base up in a way that he will do that with a vengeance if re-elected. So, what follows is an different analysis of the raid and the events leading up to the raid.

There were reports of a ‘mole’ working in Mar-a-Lago that was a member of the President’s secret service team. Since the DOJ and National Archives people had been through all the documents in June and just asked that the President add a padlock to the room, all the documents had been inspected. They had already had the opportunity to take any document that the President had in his possession. So as of June there were no classified documents, or documents that could cause national security issues. (Such as nuclear documents) If there was a mole, then there was someone who could plant such documents. It would be as simple as funneling documents to the individual and paying him for his betrayal. I would think that ever one of those agents working as part of the President’s team should be investigated for a change in lifestyle, large purchases, or sudden boost in their financial standing. There is every suggestion that pattern fits with the pattern for prior attempts at framing the President.

In the event that the ‘mole’ was unable to plant documents, the fact that the President’s lawyers were not permitted on the premises while the search/raid was continuing left 30 FBI agents with free access to plant any document that they wanted then to carry the same documents out of the complex with the boxes of paper. Again, i would urge that every one of those FBI agents get investigated for a change in financial condition. Since there is a history of created evidence as applies to Donald Trump and his associates this is idea is less speculation and more of a conclusion based on the FBI and DOJ’s past behavior.

The DOJ, the FBI, the Democrats, and the corrupt Washington establishment are terrified of Donald Trump. This is obviously another attempt at framing him. Donald Trump declassified all the documents taken from the White House, the DOJ has seen all those documents and had time to inspect them yet found nothing. Had there been anything of a national security urgent nature then they would have addressed that when they saw the documents in June, not left the national security issue open to exploitation for 2 months. That does not suggest urgency, it suggests frame up. There was nothing there of an urgent nature, so they had to plant something. The way the FBI conducted the raid suggests they did not want witnesses during the raid, so kept Donald Trump’s lawyers out so they could not see what was occurring. That is beyond irregular and smacks of a set up not a criminal investigation.

I do not know what will happen in the mid-terms, but I would hope that starting now everyone in Washington that desires for this country to prosper, would stand up to these criminal acts. If the midterms bring a Republican opposition to power, then I would hope that Merrick Garland and the top echelons of the FBI and DOJ would be impeached and cast out of Washington permanently.

Unfortunately, I am just one small voice in millions. The Democrats are fond of saying our democracy is threatened. Establishment Washington, is indeed the threat and this raid is just one example of many that shows the power in Washington is out of control. Unless that changes the totalitarian state is already upon us. Either good people push back or it will get way worse. It is sad that so many ordinary people do not speak up for what is right.

God Bless All!!!!

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