The Perfect Bioweapon

Covid-19 turned out to be the perfect bioweapon, unleashed either purposefully from the Wuhan lab or accidentally, the virus is a Chinese Communist Party dream. If you look at the deaths per 100K by country it is highly suspicious that western or western derived populations have the highest death rate at about 2X the death rate for Asian populations. If I were a Chinese military strategist and wanted to severely cripple my western opponents with a virus, one that impacted my opponents far more than it impacted my own population, then Covid-19 would be considered a genius of design.

Further, if your are familiar with Marxist thought and its links to the Eugenics movement then Covid-19 is further designed to harm those in society considered to be the most costly to support and the least productive contributors. Covid-19 disproportionally kills the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions. Killing off this population early will result in trillions saved across the world’s medical systems over the next few years. Instead of increasingly expensive and reoccurring expense to support the elderly, Covid-19 just removes those most likely to incur those expenses. The same is true for those with underlying medical conditions. Instead of long term treatment, there is just death.

Communist thought is all about making society more productive and advancing the agenda of the state. Covid-19 through its disparate impact on Western society enabled China to advance its economic and geopolitical agenda while crippling the west. From a military and ideological standpoint, unleashing Covid-19 was a brilliant, ruthless, and totally evil strategy. Thus far it looks like they have gotten away with this.

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