The Government is Always Right

There are scientists that say the virus came from a lab in Wuhan, China. They point to unusual non-naturally occurring gene sequences. Others that claim, based on peer reviewed studies that hydroxychloroquine when given early saves lives. Still others that point to pre-Covid-19 studies of flu and Sars viruses that masks offer no protection. Some look at the states that locked down and the states that did not lock down and see no benefit of the lockdowns. Others question why if children are not at risk schools remain closed in many states.

So many theories, they must all be wrong. Surely we would not force masks if they did not work. Surely we would not close schools if children could not be at risk. Surely we would not prevent Covid patients from getting life saving inexpensive treatments if the science said otherwise. Surely we would not destroy 1000s of businesses for no good reason.

This is something to think about. The science never said to do the things that were done. All society continues to suffer as a result.

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