Its All About Oil

Everyone assumes that Obama`s  foreign policy makes no sense.  Over the past 6 years every bit of his middle eastern policy has served to destabilize the region.  The rise of ISIS, the destruction of order in Libya, and giving Iran a nuclear bomb are all steps designed to stop the flow of oil from the Middle East.

Somehow he sees the greatest threat to the world as global warming.  That is why he opposed the XL pipeline against all common sense.  He figures that if he can bring the Middle East down in a fireball he can substantially reduce world wide oil consumption.

Even though the rise of fracking at home has derailed him, Iran launching a nuke at Israel, or Israel bombing Iran could according  to his calculations set oil production back 50 years.

Remember that to him he is saving the planet.  Just like the communist of old, the end justifies the means.  His goal is to drive oil prices to the sky and force modern economies into making their populace do with less.

He has so much as said so.  People,  not including him,  need to not drive suv’s, or have 68 degree houses in the summer.

The whole of his policies are about saving the common man from himself.  If the means destroying the oil producing nations then that is his goal.

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