Valid Choices

Recently while watching Hart of Dixie, Zoe Hart, the main character found out she was pregnant.  She decided that she wanted to keep the baby, but made a huge point of saying that not keeping the baby was a “valid” choice.  It was almost as if the show wanted to apologize for a story line where the character chose not to have an abortion.  The show literally went out of its way to state that abortion was OK.  The dialog at that point in the show was clearly manipulated to make that point.

What ever the reason, their conclusion is incorrect.  Killing babies, whether born or not is murder.  It is not a valid choice. It violates God’s law in the 10 commandments and man’s law in most cases.  In Roe v Wade, the Supreme court tried to thread the needle and say a fetus was not a baby at 3 months, but they never could define went it became a person. Abortionists now kill fetuses long after they are viable, and in the case of Gosnell even after they have come to term.   Planned Parenthood has employed abortion to control minority population growth yet they are never called on it.  It is truly a sad new world when abortion becomes a valid choice and one marketed through popular media.

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