How to Win A War

George Bush the elder knew how to fight a war.  He gave Saddam a deadline and while waiting for the deadline he prepared.  Soon after the deadline he started the bombing campaign.  It was 30 days of intense bombing that removed almost every Iraqi command and control facility and fully demoralized the Iraqi army.  Then in a 3 day blitz he defeated Saddam’s forces with almost no loss of American life.  Kuwait was again free.

Obama’s approach is to invest as few of our own people as possible and to only commit us part way.   When Bush the younger did not commit sufficient forces we lost far more lives and were losing the second Iraq war.    That is why the surge changed the balance.  It is like anything in life, partial commitment means failure.    Obama is the king of partial commitment.    Unfortunately, when its the commander- in-chief partial commitment means dead Americans.

Whether fighting ISIS now or not is a good idea, fighting them with no commitment is definitely a bad idea.  Once again the President shows his disdain for America, its soldiers, and its way of life.  If he would just seal the borders, that would do more to protect us that anything he is doing abroad.

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