The Cattle are Lowing then Being Shot

Lowing, that is nothing more than mooing.  Cattle just living their normal lives make contented or uncontented sounds mooing day in and day out.  It is a pretty standard existence for cows.  I guess the cows might worry about becoming a steak at some point, but I sure bet that they don’t expect the government to be slaughtering them just to make a political point.  If this were in India, government officials would be destroyed for even proposing such an action as shooting cattle that graze on public land.  Killing grandma ma ma just would not go over well.  Image

For some inexplicable reason the Federal Government is threatening to kill cattle in Nevada because the cattle wander onto Federally owned scrub grass.    It is an old fashioned range war, except that the government has no sheep or cattle, just a stake in the power and control represented by its ability to forbid access or charge for access to the public land.  The rancher’s cattle are being rounded up because they are trespassing on Federal Land, land which is not being used for anything.  Its land that the government has spent no money on yet wants to charge fees for, as if the government and not the people own it.  

The rancher’s son was tazed protesting the government’s rounding up of the rancher’s cattle.   Many others, neighbors and interested parties have come to protest this Federal power grab.  Like Waco, the government is poised once again to take out US citizens and United States bovines. Is it a dry run for future government intrusions into freedom?  I have a few questions regarding this.

If the government shoots the cattle will they process them for school lunches?

Would Michelle allow beef in school lunches?

How does the government own 28% of the land in the United States? 

How can the government charge people to use public land where the government spends zero dollars to maintain it?

It this a dry run for a much bigger government crack down?

Will PETA complain if the government shoots the cattle?

Will the ranchers be shot as well as tazed?

Will the government try to confiscate the private land as well?

Do the cattle know they are trespassing on Federal Land?

If they don’t know, is shooting them fair?  Perhaps they need to learn to read first.

Are the protesters going to be required to bring their own body bags? 

Is lowing considered free speech?

if lowing occurs on Federal land and the government shoots the cow does that violate the first amendment?

If the cattle are shot who removes the carcass?

All that ammo the government bought, is it about to be used?

How out of control is the government?  

Do they get away with this and the many other violations of our constitution?





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