Fetuses Burned For Energy — The Socialist Nation Preview

Fetuses burned for energy in the UK, 15,500 fetuses incinerated.  You may ask what this has to do with us.  It speaks to the respect for life, not just babies, but all life that a society has.  Once a society becomes sufficiently socialized and people are nothing more than numbers who get the same ration from the government, then life has no value.  The pro-abortion crowd often says that they want non-religious reasons to support being pro-life.  Below are a few.

If as a society we don’t respect life we will:

Have more senseless crime.  (Already happening.)

Have fewer stable families. (Already happening.)

Have more unstable children.  (Already happening.)

Kill our old people to save on medical costs or inconvenience. (Happening in Europe.)

Lose the experience of neighbors helping neighbors. (Already happening.)

Watch our prosperity decline. (Already happening.)

Have fewer in society that can support themselves as adults. (Already happening.)

Move from late term abortions to active infanticide. (China already does this.)

If we want a stable prosperous society we should ban abortion and promote the value of life.  That value should be promoted for every child that grows up and reaches for opportunity.  It should be communicated to every adult that they are worth something and valuable.  It starts with the individual but makes for incredibly strong prosperous communities.

Massive Tax Wasted In Pursuit of Leftist Agenda (NASA)

Why is NASA studying the rise and fall of civilizations?  Perhaps I missed something.  How does the National Air and Space Administration justify spending our tax dollars on a study of the rise and fall of civilizations?  Do we know of any alien civilizations out there in danger of imminent demise?  Do we have a colony on the moon that is about to become the next great empire?  Just the existence of the study suggests that this administration will do anything to justify further limits on what people can own, eat  breath and consume.

The fall of Rome was about a lack of resources.  Yep, not rocket science.  The barbarians did not have the resources and Rome did.  So the barbarians took the resources from Rome.  Putin did not own the Crimea, so he took it.  The fact that the US has had increasing food production for the last 100 years and a population that  grows at a snails pace means nothing when you want to take what people have and give it to people that did not earn it.  How on earth did NASA become a tool for propaganda?  Is anyone else appalled by this?

NASA and the federal government are taking our tax dollars and using it in studies to take away more of our hard earned income.  It is shameful. It has nothing to do with the mission of NASA.  If they really want to know what kills societies, it is bad leadership.  Perhaps whoever ordered this study should look in the mirror and resign before bad leadership kills our great nation.  Our leaders need to spend less time in never never land and come back to earth.