Terrorist at the Border

The big news organizations did not report the arrest of suspected terrorists at our border last week.   Searching for this story on NBC, CBS, and ABC comes up with nothing.    How are these organizations looking out for us.  By burying these stories they help keep the border open to cheap unskilled labor which continues to rob jobs from American citizens.    Each organization is willing to put our very lives at risk to satisfy their open border philosophy and their advertiser’s wish for cheap labor.

If I can avoid buying anything from organizations that advertise on any of these outlets I will.   Dead Americans mean nothing compared to the ideology or to the profit.   Each of us should email them and complain, then ask the FCC to fine them since they are clearly not acting in the public interest.   Their behavior in purposely hiding risks to our population is nothing short of criminal.

Amnesty — Let’s Put Americans at the Back of the Bus

Tech companies are lobbying Congress to approve an amnesty bill particularly one which permits more H1Bs to come to the United States and work.  This fills their needs to have experience and cheaper tech labor to fill in positions.  Americans with tech skills get overlooked. Newly trained college graduates get overlooked.  Just like with agriculture getting immigrants to do the labor is good for business at the expense of American citizens.

The media has been all for opening the borders and flooding the country with illegal immigrants.  I would ask the following questions.

Why, when it is clear that an immigration bill will prevent Americans from getting jobs do you support this bill?

Are business interest powering your decision to support this bill?

When we have not sealed out borders and terrorists are still able to waltz into the United States why would you support an immigration bill?

Do you want Americans to be hungry?

The US Labor Participation Rate is the worst now since 1978 why would you support a bill that makes jobs for Americans harder to get?

Do you want Americans to be killed by terrorists?

How much have business interests paid you to support an immigration bill?

How much have politicians paid you to support and immigration bill?

Is the concept of open borders just so new age you can’t resist?

American jobs and freedoms created the ability for the media to have such influence.  If the media continues to support the erosion of American sovereignty it won’t be long before their influence will diminish into nothing.