Democratic Coup Attempt


While anti-Trump protesters, some violent,  fill the streets in primarily democratically voting cities and Trump supporters complain that these protesters are just whiners and bad losers, there is something far more insidious going on.   Behind the protests, the violence, and the chaos is a conspiracy, an brazen attempt to overthrow the election results and retake the government from the Republican elect.  Is this even possible?

Beyond, the protests there are written petitions aimed as getting electors to change their vote.  The protests and petitions are the visible signs of  a plan. The death threats are the hidden and most dangerous part of this.

Simply put, it is an effort to intimidate the state electors into switching their votes. Although technically pledged to Donald Trump these electors could switch their votes. This would be a violation of their pledge and in many cases state law, but it is possible.

Wikipedia calls them “Faithless” electors.  Historically this has not been tried en mass before, although one elector abstained in favor or Gore in 2000.  Given the history of the Clinton machine whose manipulations have amazingly deflected criminal after criminal investigation, an attempt at a coup is not far-fetched. There were numerous theories surrounding the deaths that occurred in the White Water investigation 20 years ago.  That is old history, but much more recently as information about the DNC hack became public several more mysterious deaths occurred.  This is to point out that there may be no limits on what they are willing to do.

From the outside these protesters just look like a bunch of malcontents.  Given time, just like with Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street,  it will be proven that they are not just random unhappy voters, but paid demonstrators, with a purpose.    They are part of a well formulated plan to intimidate state electors.  They want the electors to feel threatened and their families to feel threatened.  There is no boundary the Clintons won’t cross in order to attain power.

Think about the individuals who voted for Trump now seen, on camera, being beaten up How can a state elector see that and not feel like it was directed at himself or herself. Behind the scenes I would not doubt that these same electors pledged to Mr. Trump are receiving calls mixed with offers of cash and promises of retribution.   Not only do the democrats not want to lose power, but many fear that a new, principled attorney general would pursue them mercilessly.  These people are cornered beasts.

Obama had nice press conference with Donald Trump, discussing the transition.  That was all window dressing,  a smoke screen to hide what is really occurring behind the scenes. The stakes in this game are high, the survival of our American republic.  While Obama gives the appearance of helping with the process, the Anti-Trump forces lead by George Soros and the Clinton machine are trying to bring down the election.  It is a globalist play for power to enable the Democrats to stay in power and to continue to destroy America.

I hope the Trump people recognize what is happening and are reminding the electors in no uncertain terms of their pledge and legal obligation.  I hope the electors have such integrity that reminding is unnecessary.  It would be awesome to say this is over,  but given what is occurring, this won’t be over until Dec. 19th when the electoral college casts their formal vote for Donald Trump.  Until then there is opportunity for the democrats to manipulate the system.  There is a real chance that this is occurring.

Advice For President Trump

The United States of America first.  That is the attitude President Trump needs to have and the one that he ran on.  Special interests that don’t benefit the majority of Americans should be ignored.  Congressmen and Senators beholden to those interests should be vilified and purposely targeted for defeat.  If you are not on board with us as the priority, you should leave.  You should not be in government.

I am being so bold as to write a piece advising the President on what he should do as President.   On one hand, he will never read this so it has the impact of a Mt. Everest pebble being relocated from one cliff to another.  Unless a climber slips and falls on that pebble, no one will ever know.   So much for the disclaimer!!!

First and foremost President Trump promised to drain the swamp.  Given that the federal government has been out of control for the last 8 years this is a huge task.  He needs to start with a new attorney general and FBI director.  They need to be committed to prosecuting the crimes of the last 8 years starting with Lois Lerner and continuing up the tree until Hillary,  her foundation, her husband and all those in the machine that broke election laws are in jail.  That sends a strong message for anyone considering the destruction or sale of our democracy.

He then needs to address the jobs and prosperity elements of his platform  Getting rid of Obamacare and the last 8 years of regulations will go a long way toward jump starting the economy.   He has to go further by wiping out all entitlements for those who are able bodied and can work.  It’s amazing that when people have to find jobs, they almost always do.  That will boost our GDP in a huge way.  Cutting taxes to attract manufacturing and reinvestment in this country will also generate opportunity.  Although I am for free trade, if a company here want to move its labor force to another country but sell their goods back here, the worlds biggest market, then they should pay a huge tariff.  That is not protectionism,  they are American companies that have chosen not to benefit Americans.  It should be expensive for them as it was expensive for US employees when they were terminated.

As part of getting us back on track economically, the size of government needs to shrink dramatically. Cutting the national debt is also necessary if we are to prosper.  There is also something to be said for the government to stop injecting money (printing) into the system to prop up the system artificially.  That is a time bomb that has to be addressed.  It is also such a complex mess to unravel that I hope he as really smart capable people that can manage it.

On immigration the solution is as simple as he made it.  Build a wall. Give the border control back its authority to deport.   Then, make it impossible for non documented workers to get jobs here.  Cut off their benefits.  They will flood back to Mexico.  Once that is done, if a business wants to hire foreign workers here because there truly are not enough Americans to do the work, then that is open for discussion. First, we need to have some huge portion of the 94 Million not in the workforce back on the job.  Taking away the cheap, illegal competition will make that far easier.   AMERICANS FIRST!!!!

That is the philosophy the President needs to have,  American’s first in all things.  In trade deals we benefit as much or more than the partner country.  Iran is not a deal. That should be nullified.  Iran is 150 billion dollars richer as they work for a nuke thanks to Obama. Foreign aid needs to benefit us.  If we give the Palestinians 10 million and they blow up an American tourist or don’t stop teaching hate in their schools, they should get zero dollars ever again.

Yes, Americans and American prosperity first.  That is the job of the President.  Obama was more worried about everyone else, how they thought about us.  Were were nice or did we contribute to their prosperity.  So much so that Americans suffered.  President Trump has a huge job.  It starts by setting the tone, getting the right people in place, getting rid of the Obama cadre now infecting every department of the government and focusing on prosperity here and leadership around the world.  I pray that as an outsider, not beholden to any one interest, he can be the President we expected when we voted for him.

The job is huge,  as he would say ..HUGE!.  I hope he is up for it.

He, will be happy to know that I am not charging him for this advice.  For the good of the country. 🙂







Vote Policy Not Propaganda

Orchestrated chaos, and overwhelming accusations against Trump by women who crossed paths with him have something in common.  They all supposedly crossed paths with him years ago.   One is a known democratic operative. Other cases have witnesses that tell completely different stories.  Yet, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC repeat the same stories almost verbatim over and over.  The proof that this was all created to try and destroy Trump is not revealed even with mounting evidence of the set up.

The proof in the form of email that Hillary sold favors through the Clinton foundation, destroyed subpoenaed evidence and broke election laws is refuted only by the claim that the Russian hacked it.  They don’t claim the emails are wrong, or altered only that they are not valid because they were obtained illegally.  The massive destruction of our democracy and the collusion with the media along with the coordinated attacks first on Bernie Sanders and now on Trump is somehow overlooked.  The threat to our democracy is ignored.

Millions of Americans are led to believe that Trump is a racist.  The fact that he has interacted with tens of thousands of people through his businesses over a 40 year period without being accused of racism tells the truth.  Had he discriminated or treated people unfairly he would have faced 100’s  of lawsuits.

If he had groped women against their will those women would have easily filed lawsuits and sued the billionaire for as much as they could get.   He is a guy, so I am not surprised that he talked like the majority of guys did years ago, in private.  It’s wrong, but it is an ego thing, not a sexist thing.

If we look just at policy.

Hillary wants open borders a continuing massive influx of low paid labor that helps business exploit immigrants and drive US wages down.   Illegal democratic voter roles go up as does crime, drugs and disease.

Trump wants to stop the open borders and cut off the free stuff for non – citizens.  The influx on immigrants takes away from help Americans need.

Hillary wants to continue Obamacare or double down on national healthcare.

Obamacare left a million insureds without coverage this month as plans failed. Trump wants to replace it.  For most costs have doubled and benefits dropped to half of what they were.

Hillary wants to keep NAFTA and TPP.  Trade deals that hurt the US.  She reversed her voiced opinion on TPP but like she said in her speech to Leyman Brothers, you have to have a public and a private policy.

Hillary is fine killing babies up until the moment of birth and has supported Planned Parenthood even while they were selling body parts.

Trump wants to reduce of eliminate abortion.

Hillary has taken millions of dollars from countries that support Sharia law, honor killings and where women are not allowed to drive.  She supports the Iran deal giving them back billions as they spread terrorism across the globe and promise to remove Israel from the map.

Trump supports Israel and opposes the Iran deal.

Hillary facilitated the selling of 20% of our nuclear ore supply to the Russians through the State Department while the Clinton Foundation got hefty donations from those same players.

Trump is calling out her selling of America for personal gain.

Anyone that wants to remain in valid democracy and votes on policy needs to vote for Mr. Trump.  He is not a white knight nor perfect, but it is hard to know what he is as the effort to discredit him has been unprecedented and not grounded on facts.  That effort as defined by same words coming from most of the media outlets every day points to and proves the collusion involved.

When did this country lose its free press?  With the advent of open borders, sanctuary cities, third term abortion, the wanton release of terrorist back to the battlefield, a media that repeats each day’s campaign or White House memo is not a free press.  Real news such as the destruction of healthcare insurance for millions of Americans in not covered. The return to the battlefield of Guantanamo terrorists is not covered.  The real state of the economy or the doctoring of economic numbers through redefinition is not covered.  I hate to say it but if Hillary is elected, the republic will be dead. VOTE POLICY!!!

By the time the “FREE PRESS” realizes that they have no freedom, it will be took late for them.  It may already be too late.






Educational Indoctrination and a Dead Raccoon

A few years ago on a cold winter’s night I left the house to drive to the gym.  In a hurry, I backed out of the driveway, hearing and feeling a thump wump twice.  Stopping I saw nothing in my headlights, so I now backed out more slowly.  The process revealed a severely injured raccoon laying on its side harshly illuminated by my headlights.  His last struggle for life was thankfully short but horrifying just the same.

Now, the dead raccoon was my problem.  His carcass was as large as that of a medium size dog.   I was not even sure how he fit in the front wheel well where he obviously camped out to be sheltered from the night time cold.   After a few calls to friends it was decided that Freddie, (We had to name him.)  would be double bagged in those 55 gallon double thick black trash bags and disposed of in the trash.

Clearly Freddie was uninformed as to the dangers of hanging out in vehicle wheel wells.  He had found a place where he was warm and sheltered from the elements.  All was right with his world until reality so rudely disturbed his resting place.  His lack of knowledge was not an issue until the very last moment.  At that point it was fatal.

Many of our schools now fail to teach capitalism and instead literally promote socialism as a fairer more enlightened approach to running an economy.   Like Freddie,  a core survival skill for being prosperous is not taught.  The utopian ideal, the warm and snug wheel well of Freddie’s dreams is presented and it is only after life and livelihood unravel that those taught this pipe dream realize it is not a safe spot.

How educator’s can ignore the complete weight of history and continue to promote a philosophy that endangers our prosperity, health and lives completely baffles me.  Thirty years ago I had teachers that promoted communism as a workable economic system even though the Soviet Union at the time existed with rampant corruption and poverty.  It’s complete collapse followed soon there after.    In today’s world that philosophy has produced Venezuela where the most recent price of a loaf of bread is $150.  Inflation is at 740%.  Cuba is yet another example where the most fortunate have 30 year old cars that still run.

Freddie did not have PHD raccoons telling him where the best place for him to live would be.  He did not have the brightest minds in the raccoon world telling him how best to keep warm and safe.  Today’s students have the PHDs teaching them.  They have the brightest minds in the world telling them how the world works and even so those same brilliant minds are teaching economic fantasy.  That is why we are printing money (like Germany in the 1930s and Venezuela),  racking up unbelievable debt, and funding a non working class (Like the old Soviet Union) and yet our wise raccoon instructors are still telling generation after generation that the results will be different.

The history of the United States and of Western Europe (until recently as they have swung more toward big government) has proven that socialism and communism produce an overall standard of living far less attractive for the masses than does capitalism.  Yet our educational system reviles capitalism even though more prosper under capitalism than under any other economic system.  Instead our educational system is teaching and promoting ideas where our populace winds up living in the wheel well, just one backward step from destruction.  Cushy ideas are taught instead of facts and history.

It is an approach that leaves our students, and workforce woefully unprepared to compete in the global market.  That same approach causes businesses to look out side this country for a motivated workforce.  It amazes me that the most brilliant minds in education consistently teach the appeal of a utopia that fails instead of choosing a pragmatic prosperous future with a system that works.    PhDs that fail to understand history or incorporate facts and woefully ill qualified.  It is those same ones that are failing us generation after generation.

Freddie lacked the knowledge to prevent his doom.  There is no excuse for those who have the knowledge on how to prevent that doom to willfully continue to promote ignorance.  It is an ignorance that will give us the same results as Freddie had.






Scared For This Country

Democracy only works if the majority of the populace knows the truth.    Yet, more and more we hear of stories where the media is refusing to communicate that truth.  When Reuters, CBS, NBC, NPR and ABC are all in collusion reporting  not only the same story but using the exact same words over and over again it is not hard to taste the rancid decay of democracy.

The pattern has become shamefully obvious.  The White House will release a statement using key words such as “Alt Right” and suddenly it is all over the major networks as they fall in with no research or intent to tell the truth.  They parrot the White House narrative each day.  If anything does not fit that narrative they actively work to shut it down.

Below are examples of stories that have been buried by ABC, CBS, NPR  and NBC in their effort to destroy this country.**

1.) The extent of Hillary’s pay for play giving the Russian’s major control over our uranium mining capability and seriously weakening our national security.

2.) The lack of global warming for the last 18 years and the actual sea level and ice trends around the world.

3.) The support Hillary has given to Sharia loving countries that prevent women from voting or driving, and where women are essentially the property of men.  Many of these same countries execute gays for being gay.

4.) The absolute terror causes by her open borders positions and failure to deport illegal aliens.

5.) The impact Obama’s and Hillary’s policies have had on the black community with unprecedented levels of poverty and violence.

6.) The impact Obamacare has had on health care in the US, not only the massive increase in cost but the number of physicians leaving practice has skyrocketed and the number of insurers leaving the market is leaving many more uncovered than ever before.

7.) The fact that the labor participation rate has dropped to a point lower that at anytime in the last 50 years is not reported, nor is the fact that most of the jobs created are part time and pay less causing median incomes to fall.

The failure of the media to report the truth skews the election results in favor of policies that are clearly destroying our economy, hurting the African America community more that any other and undermining this country’s ability to defend against terrorism.

The law ought to state that purposeful suppression of the truth or misrepresentation tied to ideology by media outlets results in their immediate loss of public license.  Whether they are controlled by government or motivated by some sort of ideology does not matter, their public existence is predicated on their responsibility to report the facts without purposeful bias.  Reuters,  ABC, NBC, NPR and CBS have all demonstrated the inability to report honestly and fairly.  They should all lose their license to broadcast  with it only returned once their senior management has been replaced.

** (Yes,  I believe they want to take away the US constitution and will do anything to accomplish that.)  It is only because of the US constitution they can exist but they are so ungrateful to the country that allows for their existence that they are willing to lie and undermine the very thing that provides them the freedom to exists.


The Unseen – Why They Fear Trump

For the last 100 years there has been an unseen hand manipulating intellectual thought and governmental policy in the United States.  That hand has names such as the progressive movement or the communist party.  For most of the last 100 years it has had to remain in the shadows planting whispers of Utopian dreams in our universities.  They couch their rhetoric in terms of social justice or class warfare  while planting  seeds for the destruction of Democracy.

Thirty years ago my philosophy professor extolled the virtues of having everyone work for the same goals, each working for the good of all and each sharing in that largess.  The concept of capitalism was disdained.   This is the world where the majority of our current leadership was trained.  Further, even 30 years ago the reason we were told that the Russian economy and the Chinese economy were failing was simply because they did not know how to implement a communist society correctly.  The implication was that it only fails because it is done incorrectly.

Over the years elements of socialism and communism have filtered into every aspect  of society, feeding and enriching a few over the masses.  Programs such a medicare, medicaid, social security, the military industrial complex, and the massive funding of education have resulted in a government funded class of employees and businesses living off the taxes from those that are working.   It is so bad, that federal employees are now more often than not paid more for the same job as their private sector counterpart.  This works no differently than it did in the Soviet Union.  The people worked, the party was paid.

Trump is a threat to the  established rape of the American people. He threatens to renegotiate all those deals that continue to fund the lifestyle of the ruling class.  He is a clear and present danger to each and every program that is leaching off the working class in this country.  Neither democrats nor most republicans want him to cut off their gravy train.  It is the same train where countless Congressmen and Senators enter office with moderate means but leave office millionaires.

The media too took in this Utopian dream.   They no longer even try to hide their efforts to discredit Trump while going to great lengths to hide Hillary’s flaws.  Much of their lopsidedness comes from the huge amount of federal money that now pours into media coffers.  GE/NBC is just one example.  The current regime has also managed to place numerous operatives directly into influential medial positions.  How can an ex-Clinton staffer even pretend to be unbiased?  The fact is that if Trump wins, then media’s power and income will plummet.  They are doing everything possible to twist and make up stories hoping to paint Trump in a bad spot light.

The manipulation of the American economy, the selling out of our economy to global progressive interests and the fueling of a non-working elite class must stop.  Trump represents that change.  If you are a middle income working American then a vote for Hillary is a vote for the impoverishment of your family,  fewer opportunities, lower wages, death panels and a bleak future for your grand kids.

It is time to put a stop to the rape and selling out of this country.  Please pass this along to as many people as you can.  The fact is sometimes Facebook tries to censor my posts sp please pass this along as much as possible.  People need to know how they are being twisted.

Speaking for Life

Where are the voices for life. Cops are assassinated and the outrage from our leaders is muted by words that promote more hatred.  Over 2000 babies are aborted, (killed) every day and the government and individuals fund the carnage.  The inner cities are awash with black on black blood.  Life has become cheap.

Scripture provides clear instruction in Exodus 20; Thou Shalt Not Kill.  Every western society and almost all non western cultures have codified this commandment into law. There is a reason that this is God’s law.  It is not only one of his commandments, but it makes society civil.  Without this provision in the law society disintegrates.

I wonder how many Christians are parading as part of Black Lives Matter.  How many Christians are participating in chants that encourage violence and the killing of cops?

Matthew 5v21-24

You have heard that it was said to the men of old, ‘You shall not kill; and whoever kills shall be liable to judgment.’ But I say to you that every one who is angry with his brother (KJV- without a cause) shall be liable to judgment; whoever insults (KJV – Raca) his brother shall be liable to the council, and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be liable to the hell of fire. So if you are offering your gift at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.

What is needed is respect for life, all life.  From conception to decrepidation, all life should be respected and protected.  These protests signal a world where life has no value.  Where killing is acceptable.   There has never been a time when the gospel in needed more.  Even if you profess to be Jewish, this movement violates everything you have been taught.  Unless we return to a culture of life I fear for the survival of our country.



How To Stop Terrorism

On this, the day 77 people or more died in France at the hand of a terrorist, neither France nor the United States are any closer to stopping either the lone terrorist or armed groups to terrorists.  Yet, if we truly learned from history almost all terrorism would be a thing of the past.  Instead of punishing those promoting terrorism we coddle countries and organizations that fund and supply terrorist organizations.   The failure of our leaders to recognize that Islamic terrorists are at war with us and are willing to do all that war entails leaves us continually vulnerable to more attacks.   We are at war, and should treat this as such.

If you think the measures below are harsh, the result will be thousands of lives saved and a world far safer and secure than the one that we currently live in.

First, instead of letting ISIS have a country and an appearance of success that motivates and encourages would be Islamic terrorists, ISIS must be annihilated.  If that means sending in troops and literally killing every member, not arresting,  not bombing a few, not avoiding killing their families,  not being ‘surgical, but wiping out every sympathizer of ISIS then no one will think that by supporting ISIS or killing others they are promoting a winning cause.  The idea that Islam is protected by Allah will take a huge blow.  That is what happened when they were stopped by Charles Mattel in France in 872 or much later in Spain as they tried to invade western Europe.  They were crushed and it stopped them.

Secondly,  the people funding Islamic terror, both the States and the individuals are equally responsible for every death Islamic terrorists causes.  The penalty for funding terror is death.   Whether you are a Saudi Royal or a member of CAIR (Council for Islamic Relations) that sentence needs to be carried out across the world without regard to families and collateral.  If your uncle, brother or sister is a terrorist and you choose not to turn them in you are a culpable.

In Japan, under the Samurai, a samurai that betrayed his lord was killed along with his whole family.  That way there was no one left to seek revenge.  It deterred further attempts.

Third, for every country that promotes terror, its rulers will have to be destroyed.  Nothing changes the illusion that God is on your side than defeat.  Defeat is the only thing that has held Islam back for the past 1100 years.

We may not be at war with a religion, but we are at war with those that follow the mandates of Islam.  These are people that want to wipe Israel off the map, to whom the beheadings and genocide of those that do not hold their beliefs is considered moral. The only way to stop those that would kill you with no compunction is for them to see that killing you has a cost they are not willing to pay.  It is the only thing that stopped Islam in the past.  Potential young terrorists will not look up to a defeated ISIS or decimated Islamic group.

We are at war. It is time for our leaders to recognize that and choose to win.  Otherwise the terrorists will win by attrition and many more good people will die during that process.

Blame CNN for Your Woes

When a news company (CNN) actively censors negative information about a candidate as they did in this case with Hillary Clinton or as they have done with Barrack Obama, then that same news company should take the blame when:

You lose your job because of bad trade deals.

A family member is mugged by an illegal alien.

The cost you pay for healthcare skyrockets and your doctor is not available.

Taxes prevent you from keeping your family in the house you bought.

Your child is forced to take a curriculum in school that you believe is immoral.

Terrorists kill people you know.

The value of your home plummets as the neighborhood is swarmed by refugees.

They are called the Clinton News Network for a reason.  Since they no longer act in the general interest of the public CNN should lose its license.   Censoring news to promote candidates, given the state of the economy and the results the current administration has wrought is clearly not a public service.  They should be put out of business.



NAACP and the Church

It seems to me that churches ought to be about saving souls not about fomenting racial hatred.  Recently Cornell Brooks the president of the NAACP spoke at a St Paul, MN. Baptist church where he compared the killing of young African-American kids to lynchings in America.  Using his speech to rile up the audience he promotes a view of American law enforcement as bigoted and hateful.  This view is so far from the truth and one which puts the lives of both police officers and of his own community at risk.  Further, churches should be in the business of saving souls not promoting hate.

The promotion of the police are bigoted and hateful narrative has resulted in numerous killing of white police officers.  In Baltimore, where this view was promoted after the arrest of Freddie Gray officers are retiring.  They are more cautious in minority neighborhoods and the murder rate has gone up.  Comments made by Obama, the NAACP and Black Lives Matter have resulted in a hesitancy among the police to stop crime in situations where the perpetrators are minorities.

As this narrative continues the real casualty will be policing in minority communities.  Already in some cities there are 5 to 10 deaths each week.  These are mostly black on black crimes.  Every church, media outlet, newspaper that promotes that police are bigots and murderers is moving these police to further consider whether or not to fully police minority neighborhoods.  This is already causing an increase in minority deaths.

This is the statistic:

In 2012, white males were 38 percent of the population and committed 4,582 murders. That same year, black males were just 6.6 percent of the population but committed a staggering 5,531 murders.

Just think as cops are vilified how many more minority individuals will die.  Churches that promote this idea through the NAACP are not concerned with promoting the love of Christ only the love of strife.  Jeremiah Wright’s church in Chicago were Obama attended was one such church literally preaching hate from the pulpit.

The violence, murder and looting  by Black Lives Matter will taint all minorities.  That will become their reputation.  Those supporting this movement may want to think about the brush it paints on all minorities.

The result is a country far more polarized by race than it has been in the last twenty years.  The NAACP, Obama,churches that give a voice to hate, CBS, NBC, and ABC whose stories lie about what happened in many of these cases, are all complicit in this.   They are responsible for driving a wedge between races and they are responsible for the increased deaths in minority communities.

I am wondering if those who have a public responsibility will ever step up and promote peace.  Certainly churches should be about that business.  It is a sad day when churches promote hate and not the saving of souls.

Michael Brown in Ferguson tried to kill the cop.  He died after robbing a convenience store, strong arming that store’s owner the attempting to kill the officer.  That is the lie Black Lives Matter is based on.  There was no hands up, don’t shoot.  If a thug is trying to kill you, do you want the police to refuse to use lethal force at the cost of their lives or yours?  Baltimore saw what happened when the police backed off one day.  That is what these activists want for your neighborhood.  They have proven that they want that destruction no matter what neighborhood, white or black.  Perhaps people should truly stand up for peace.