Global Thermonuclear War – Biden Wants This

It’s not just about bad policy decisions that have embroiled us as major arms suppliers to Ukraine, but something deeper and far more insideous. The Biden administration has not just prevented peace negociations, but they have actively encouraged Russia’s perception that the United States wants to destroy Putin and Russia. This clearly bolsters Russia’s feeling of insecurity.

This is where we are headed.

There was a peace deal on the table in April, Ukraine promises not to join Nato and Russia withdraws. It was pretty simple, returned things to the status quo and give Russia security guarantees. This was what Russia wanted before the war while the US provoked Putin by telling Ukraine to join Nato. Yes, we provoked Russia by making them (Putin) feel less secure. We did it on purpose.

Why? Why would we want to villify Russia? Why would we be willing to risk nuclear war? For the last 7 years the democrats have been creating false narratives in order to bring down Donald Trump, and those narratives are all about how Russia was behind Donald Trump’s election and about how Donald Trump colluded with Russia. The Democrats with the help of the media have created the myth of an evil Russian empire with no evidence, just repeated claims. In fact, the lies behind that myth have all since unravelled. Even so, painting Russia as an enemy gives the Democrats something to point their base to, gives them an external enemy so that the American people do not look too closely at what they are really doing.

In this case that external enemy is being poked and prodded into using nuclear weapons. It is as if the Biden administration has no clue that once that happens civilization ceases to exist. There is no such thing as a limited nuclear war. Even a limited exchange will make most of Europe uninhabitable, with millions picking up radiation, developing cancer, dying years before their time in brutal pain, all because the Biden administration wanted create a boogey man to hide their own corruption.

Once nuclear weapons start, then the odds of the exchange staying limited drop precipitously. Major cities will be struck, millions incinerated, 10,000 years of improving lives and civilization will be gone replaced with cro-magnon survival at best. Yet, most of Congress and the Biden administratiion continue to take us down that road, rather than sue for peace.

There is not a person, Democrat or Republican that should not be calling their representatives and telling them that suing for peace is the only path forward. This is the most important thing that you can do today. It really comes down to, “If you want to live.” Kid’s gluing themselves to art gallery walls for global warming, won’t be alive after their world heats to 10,000 degrees celcius and they are forever gone.

If you are the media, if you value your life, the life of your parents, kids, friends and associates, then it is time to raise the alarm. There is no political objective that justifies the risk being taken. Every media company worldwide ought to be preaching this, preaching peace, seeking a resolution to this conflict which does not end in holocost. This is not a high stakes game, it is one with only one outcome and that outcome is death.


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