The Unseen – Why They Fear Trump

For the last 100 years there has been an unseen hand manipulating intellectual thought and governmental policy in the United States.  That hand has names such as the progressive movement or the communist party.  For most of the last 100 years it has had to remain in the shadows planting whispers of Utopian dreams in our universities.  They couch their rhetoric in terms of social justice or class warfare  while planting  seeds for the destruction of Democracy.

Thirty years ago my philosophy professor extolled the virtues of having everyone work for the same goals, each working for the good of all and each sharing in that largess.  The concept of capitalism was disdained.   This is the world where the majority of our current leadership was trained.  Further, even 30 years ago the reason we were told that the Russian economy and the Chinese economy were failing was simply because they did not know how to implement a communist society correctly.  The implication was that it only fails because it is done incorrectly.

Over the years elements of socialism and communism have filtered into every aspect  of society, feeding and enriching a few over the masses.  Programs such a medicare, medicaid, social security, the military industrial complex, and the massive funding of education have resulted in a government funded class of employees and businesses living off the taxes from those that are working.   It is so bad, that federal employees are now more often than not paid more for the same job as their private sector counterpart.  This works no differently than it did in the Soviet Union.  The people worked, the party was paid.

Trump is a threat to the  established rape of the American people. He threatens to renegotiate all those deals that continue to fund the lifestyle of the ruling class.  He is a clear and present danger to each and every program that is leaching off the working class in this country.  Neither democrats nor most republicans want him to cut off their gravy train.  It is the same train where countless Congressmen and Senators enter office with moderate means but leave office millionaires.

The media too took in this Utopian dream.   They no longer even try to hide their efforts to discredit Trump while going to great lengths to hide Hillary’s flaws.  Much of their lopsidedness comes from the huge amount of federal money that now pours into media coffers.  GE/NBC is just one example.  The current regime has also managed to place numerous operatives directly into influential medial positions.  How can an ex-Clinton staffer even pretend to be unbiased?  The fact is that if Trump wins, then media’s power and income will plummet.  They are doing everything possible to twist and make up stories hoping to paint Trump in a bad spot light.

The manipulation of the American economy, the selling out of our economy to global progressive interests and the fueling of a non-working elite class must stop.  Trump represents that change.  If you are a middle income working American then a vote for Hillary is a vote for the impoverishment of your family,  fewer opportunities, lower wages, death panels and a bleak future for your grand kids.

It is time to put a stop to the rape and selling out of this country.  Please pass this along to as many people as you can.  The fact is sometimes Facebook tries to censor my posts sp please pass this along as much as possible.  People need to know how they are being twisted.

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