How To Get Out Of Poverty

94 Million Americans are not working and are no longer looking for a job and nearly half of those are living below the poverty line.  That fact in the wealthiest country in the world is appalling.   The effort to raise up the poor has resulted in an increase in poor and struggling Americans.  That is the economic history of the last 8 years.  Still, if you are one of those people that are struggling there are things you can do to change your life.

It is not, as the media would have you believe a matter of taking stuff from the wealthy so you can have more.  Bringing the wealthy down does nothing to bring you up. It just makes them less interested in investing in others.  Bringing you up requires a change in thinking.  Instead of your poverty being about them, make it about you.  You are struggling because you do not have enough resources (income) coming in.  The only problem you have to solve is that of increasing your income.  Do that sufficiently and you become well off.  Continuing to depend on government, charity or handouts will leave you continuing to struggle.

The first and most effective way to change your cycle of poverty is through work.  But what if you can only make minimum wage, why take that job?  Minimum wage jobs are stepping stones that allow you to learn a skill.  The skill results in more pay. That increase in pay comes from the current employer who appreciates what you do or from another employer that wants the talent you have acquired.  That talent is a “SKILL”.  That is what employers pay for.  That skill may be learned on the job by understanding a specific product, how to cook special meal, selling products,  helping customers etc.  Or that “SKILL” may come from  education where you went back to school to learn nursing, computer programming, office skills, graphic design etc. The range is huge and is dependent on your passions and goals.

Working almost always results in higher pay over time. Those that have developed skill and started down a path that increases those skills commonly increase their income quickly over the initial years of that career.  It has been sometime ago, but as I returned to work after a failed business I went from minimum wage to many times that in just a few short years.  Having the minimum wage job opened the door for other opportunities. That is still true today.

If you are stuck in a cycle of wallowing in dependency and poverty, the way out is simple, even in this economy.  Don’t worry about how others are doing, worry about doing well yourself.  There is nothing wrong with starting or restarting as I did at minimum wage.  That process alone opens the door for huge changes.  If you are tired of being poor, of struggling then commit to changing your life.  Government and others will not solve this issue for you.  The simplest solution to poverty is work. In America that has always been the case.



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