Understanding Islam

There was an article on the Drudge Report that discussed executions in Saudi Arabia.  Many of which were conducted by beheading.  Just looking at images for that is beyond gruesome.  beheadings

I did not reproduced any of those here.  In 2015 there were 157 executions in the kingdom.  A number of these were for non-lethal crimes such as drug dealing.   There is no standard in sharia law on how to handle these crimes so the judges just decide.  Some drug dealers get death, others 10 years in prison.

In contrast, in the US there were just 28 executions with a population that is 10 times that of Saudi Arabia.    Many here complain that US law is unfair.  Perhaps it is not perfect, but by any reasonable standard it is far less cruel and capricious.   The truth is that in the US, based on our law, (perhaps not always its implementation) that all lives matter.

There is no such assumption in Islam.  There is a clear view that Jewish lives and Christian lives do not matter.  Criminals are not rehabilitated, they are mutilated.  There is no prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.

This is not a Saudi thing, it is an Islamic thing.  The death toll in Saudi Arabia, the more “civilized” of the Islamic countries tells the tale.  What of the death toll cause by ISIS?   We need to recognize that these are sides of the same Islamic coin.  In an age where the risk of terrorism and Islamic fueled violence is on the rise we are fools if we do not identify the origins of that violence and the truly barbaric elements that make up its belief system.

We need to say no to every attempt to validate Islamic Law(Sharia) in this country.  It is by far antithetical to the Constitution and our system of law.  If you want a system of law where life is cheap,  just move to an Islamic state.

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